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A Fundraising Ride for Cancer Research...

Everyone knows someone, probably a relative or close friend, whose life has been affected by cancer. In 1998, my father died from colon cancer at 76 years young. I am treasuring every cancer-free day with my wife since her mastectomy last year. A week before her surgery, I broke my right hip, elbow, and collarbone in a diversion hazard bike crash. Since we could not take care of each other, a series of relatives and friends provided live-in care and love for a month while we healed. Time for me to pay that forward!

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Riding for a Cause

The first friend to visit me in the hospital during those frightfully painful days after surgery was my main cycling buddy. As he knew how This cause hits home for Nozomi and me, he registered for the Empire State Ride in December and sent me all the info. This July, I will be joining him in the ride from NYC to Buffalo, to raise funds for cancer research and treatment. 

Although I have participated in lengthy bicycle adventures, sometimes for causes, I have never undertaken a fundride with so great a distance and fundraising goal. In 1982, Nozomi and I bicycled from New York to San Francisco, to promote nuclear disarmament. We were much younger then, and did not train extensively before our ride. Forty-one years later and just a year after my accident, this 500-mile ride across New York State frankly feels more challenging. The recent years have brought a more intimate connection with cancer, and drastically reduced bicycling.The progress that has been made in cancer detection and treatment between my father’s and my wife’s cases has inspired my training and fundraising for this ride. 


I am grateful to the donors that have helped bring me closer to my personal fundraising goal. This event benefits Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center— America’s first cancer center.  Every dollar raised advances cancer research and brings us a step closer to ending cancer.

We would be so grateful for your donation of any size to my Empire State Ride. Even the smallest donation can have a big ripple effect if you can encourage your friends to join you. Thank you so much for your support!



An exclusive seven-day, 500+ mile cycling adventure across New York State to support cutting-edge cancer research.


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