Why You Can Trust Our Refurbished Bikes

At Affordable Bikes Re-Cyclery, we take pride in our excellent refurbished used bicycles, which we warranty to be smooth running and free of defects for at least a year. We guarantee our bikes and we will fix your Upcycled bike for free for one year from purchase. 

Exceptions are limited to the following: The warranty includes all minor adjustments for free: brake adjustments, shifting adjustments, wheel truing, drivetrain lubrication, and tire inflation. This warranty does NOT include:

  • flat tires, unless we installed them wrong

  • normal wear of tires, brake pads, chain, gears, handlebar grips and tape and pedals

  • Rust or damage due to improper/neglected maintenance

  • Installation of components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the bicycle as sold

  • Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse,

  • Bmx bikes (but replacement parts will be available at wholesale price)


How can we offer such back-up?

1) Refurbished is more than just recycled. We don't like to do warranty repairs for free, so we put extra care into our refurbishing. We replace and upgrade key parts to ensure that the bike will run trouble-free for years, not merely months. We replace galvanized cables with stainless steel, we replace even marginally-worn chains and cassettes, tires with any dry-rot, brake pads with any wear, parts with any rust.

2) We are selective in the bikes we refurbish. Our modal bike has a chromoly steel frame, which is as stiff, as comfortable as the latest carbon fiber offerings. We specify wheels with 32-36 stainless steel  spokes for reliability. We offer non-indexed shifting and for people who are smart enough to figure out how to shift gears (almost everyone!). We eschew components with short service lives or requiring non-standard tools. Nonetheless, we embrace genuine improvements in bike technology that increase durability and comfort, such as cassette hubs and threadless headsets. If you’re interested in more discussion about this topic, or visit the shop, where James will be glad to chat with you.

3) In our opinion carbon fiber composites with unknown history present a potential for unexpected failure. There is ample evidence that carbon fiber bicycle components that have been damaged by incidents (including crashes, falls, scratches, and minor dents) that would be irrelevant for metal components, will fail, often without warning. We are especially circumspect, therefore, with used carbon fiber forks, stems, or handlebars, as failures in these components could send the rider headfirst into the ground.


According to John Harrington of carbon fork manufacturer, Easton Sports, "The good news is the fatigue life of carbon fiber is immensely more than that of metals...there is nothing to worry about in terms of fatigue life on a composite fork. The most likely cause of failure for a composite fork would be impact damage sustained from crashing. Most of the time any damage to a fork from a crash will be visible. Cracks can be seen. We would recommend that the fork be periodically inspected visually at the drop out area and along the fork legs to look for cracks or depressions in the material. Any fork that shows signs of cracking should not be ridden and replaced immediately." (December 3, 2002 correspondence with Leonard Zinn, Technical Editor for Velonews)

On used bikes we are refurbishing at Upcycles, we remove and thoroughly inspect any carbon fork for visible cracks, dents, evidence of delamination or over-tightening of the stem. If there is any of the above, we replace it with a chromoly fork (you can have the suspect fork at no extra charge--install and use it at your own risk). We do not sell used carbon fiber stems or handlebars.

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Upcycles Bike Shop measures to provide a safe store environment

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