Affordable Bikes

-pricing without haggling, and cozening cheating, and defrauding

While we are all used to fixed prices in most of the marketplace, for used goods, more haggling is accepted. We adopted fixed, fair prices in order to support our values for honesty and equality, not because it would give us a chance to sell for higher profit if the customer did not haggle the price down to what it should be.

A given used bike may have cosmetic flaws and component replacements and/or upgrades. Bike condition, therefore, in combination with the availability of other used bikes in the marketplace, make determining the value an imprecise science, If we have overestimated the value of a bike, we will notice that it does not sell and lower the price after a season of watching it languish.

While all humans may all be equal before God, in our society, economic opportunities and security are not equally distributed. At Upcycles we are committed to providing good quality, reliable bikes even for our neighbors who have limited cash available. The paint may have some scratches, but the frames are lugged, good welded Schwinns, or the equivalent, with an alloy front wheel and equipped with headlight and taillight.


If you need a bike but have limited cash available, please stop in on weekday afternoons  from 1:00-3:00 to discuss how to get a bike that fits your budget! 

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Winter Store Hours

Monday, Friday

& Saturday

10:00 am - 6:00 pm


All of our bikes come with an extended one year warranty. Really, it should be even longer, because when we refurbish them, we aim for perfection. Check the Shop Policies page for warranty details and the Gallery page for examples of our gorgeous refurbished bikes. We have lots of brand-new looking bikes, and powder-coated frames waiting for custom builds, all with Upcycles reliability and durability at big box store prices.

We offer the same one-year warranty on overhauls, and on any complete system (e.g., the brake system: brake levers, calipers, cable, housing, and shoes) that we rebuild or refurbish.