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How to Let a Bike Save Your Life

Riding a bicycle on a regular basis has been shown in a wealth of scientific, anecdotal, and population studies to cause physical, psychological, and social flourishing. While other forms of "exercise" also offer the same benefits, bicycling provides them in a low-impact form which provides personal, independent transportation for the most common human trips at considerably lowest monetary and logistical cost than any other option. While there are many recreational and competitive ways to enjoying bicycling, James' and Kelly's lives show that the more you integrate bicycle transportation into your life, the more easily and continuously you will build fitness, alleviate stress, build and reinforce positive attitudes and sense of agency. For the Upcycles' customer just starting out on a a possible bicycling habit, here are the steps to saving your life using a bicycle:

(1) Get a bicycle

(2) Keep a bicycle

(3) Ride a bicycle

(4) Use a bicycle

(5) Help someone else use a bicycle

(1) Get a bicycle: While there are 


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