​Simpler is better

There are 50 components in the derailleur bicycle, and they all have to work in concert to give you a pleasant and reliable ride. The modern bicycle industry thrives on fads and divergent systems, that promise performance at increased complexity and cost.
Performance is not limited to what the wind tunnel or rolling resistance drum tells us, it includes reliability, all-day comfort, serviceability and affordability. Forty seven years of cycling and wrenching have convinced me that simpler and time-tested technology mechanisms are not only less expensive; over time, they outperform more complicated ones.


Pricing System​

Our bikes started life with brand names like Trek, Specialized, Raleigh Giant, Bianchi and many others, but we refurbished and upgraded them to produce 5 basic models. For each model of used, refurbished bike, the price is variable, depending on the cost of the parts used to build it.

Frames and Custom Builds

At Upcycles Bikes, we can build your bike with your frame or your choice of one of our quality frames, powder coating, alloy wheels, drivetrain type, control levers, and appropriately-sized rider contact points. Furthermore, our 90-day warranty also includes customization of your fit on the bike. If you find that your saddle, pedals, or handlebar type and/or position is uncomfortable, for no additional labor charge we will change parts to fit the bike better to you.

A Bike You'll Love!

Sport & Touring Bikes, $399-$699

A sport bike is for athletic day rides and tours with your cycling club peers has to be lightweight, fast, and responsive. Our sport bikes have chromoly or aluminum frames, upgraded with hand-finished cassette wheels. They will give you decades of cycling pleasure, and the thrill of staying with or passing riders who spent an order of magnitude more for their carbon fiber bikes.

Hybrid Bikes, $199-$499

The most versatile genre, the hybrid combines a relaxed, upright riding position of a with the faster rolling of a road bike to provide speed, comfort, and stability. Lots of gears for any terrain, often with suspension forks and seat posts to soften the ride.

Fixed-gear and single-speed bikes $249-$499 (Our favorites) Mechanically and biomechanically, fixed gear bikes are the most efficient bicycles, epitomizing simplicity and direct-drive control over your ride. You can buy one of ours or we can convert your old bike to fixed gear.

Commuting/Urban Bikes, $249-$549

Bikes used for commuting must meet a higher standard to transport you and your gear safely, comfortably, and reliably day after day, through all kinds of weather. Our commuting bikes use frames with long wheelbases, generous tire clearance, internal gear hubs, and fittings for fenders and racks for carrying gear.

Mountain bikes, $199-$399

Mountain bikes originally were designed to ride up & race down mountains off-road. The wide tires, strong wheels and wide-range gearing of these bikes make them rugged, versatile rides for commuting, touring or off-roading. At the 12-15 mph that most recreational cyclists ride on the road, there is no noticeable speed penalty for mountain bikes compared to road bikes.

Upvalued Bikes, $99-$149 

Our “upvalued” bikes are our lowest-priced bikes with durable parts. We expect our upvalued bikes to last much longer than brand-new department store bikes at the same prices, and we back them with our full 90-day warranty.





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All of our bikes come with an extended one year warranty. Really, it should be even longer, because when we refurbish them, we aim for perfection. Check the Shop Policies page for warranty details and the Gallery page for examples of our gorgeous refurbished bikes. We have lots of brand-new looking bikes, and powder-coated frames waiting for custom builds, all with Upcycles reliability and durability at big box store prices.

We offer the same one-year warranty on overhauls, and on any complete system (e.g., the brake system: brake levers, calipers, cable, housing, and shoes) that we rebuild or refurbish.