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We rent, sell, and service handcycles, recumbent trikes, triathlon and travel bicycles for all your riding needs


In the fall of 2016, I (James) broke my kneecap. After confronting the depressing reality of a lost opportunities for riding during Northeast Ohio's best season, I bought a handcycle. Much to my delight, it was fast, comfortable and stable, so I used it until my knee healed enough to allow riding on a leg-powered bicycle again. I learned that the joy of cycling is the same regardless of which limbs or muscles you use to propel yourself.

I also came to see the reality of the "TAB" (meaning "temporarily able-bodied") sobriquet that many of our disabled" brethren use for the rest of us. I had to acknowledge that full mobility is not inevitable but a privilege for which to be grateful. Furthermore, I saw the opportunity to assist persons with no, limited, or temporarily impaired use of their legs to experience the joys of cycling.

UPCYCLES BIKES now stocks handcycles for purchase. The upright chair handcycle is higher and more visible, but requires the knees to be bent to at least 90 degrees, so would work for hip or ankle injuries which do not affect knee flexion.

Recumbent Trikes

Thanks to adventurous friends and family, we have stocked and shared recumbent tadpole trikes. We highly recommend tadpole trikes for a stable, carefree recumbent riding experience for anyone, especially for anyone who does not ride a traditional two-wheeler. If you are curious, arrange an appointment to test-ride one at our shop. You may fall in love with the design.

Travel Bikes

A travel bike will fit into a case small enough to be checked as regular baggage on an airline. In the modern economy airfare market, a regular checked bag from Cleveland to Colorado Springs, for example runs $30-$40, a full-size bike would cost $75 and up, shipping by bike flights is $45, and the cheapest rental in Colorado Springs was $40 a day. The transport cost is lowest for the travel bike and at our rental rates, for three days or more of riding, the travel bike is more economical than rental at your travel destination. The travel bike also folds to fit into the trunk of a small rental car with no rack rental needed.


The limits for a checked bag on any airline are 62 inches length + height + width, and 50 pounds. As a travel bike, the Raleigh Twenty offers the option of separating the frame into two parts to pack more compactly. The suitcase, as shown stuffed with dissembled Raleigh Twenty and warm bike clothes measures 59.5 inches and 47.5 pounds. This bike and travel case are available for rent from Upcycles Bikes.


If you buy a travel bike or triathalon bike from us and return it in good condition, we will buy it back according the schedule below:


Time owned               Buy-back % of original cost

0-3 days                                      90%

4-7 days                                      80%

8-14 days                                    70%

15-28 days                                  60%

29 days-60 days                          50%

61 days-180 months                    40%

6 months-1 year                          30%

> 1 year                                      20%

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