Truth is ever to be found in simplicity -- Isaac Newton.

We forgo the complexities and contradictions inherent the current state of the bicycle industry to provide you with INDEPENDENCE. Whether you are commuting daily or riding around the world, you want a bike with systems that are dependable, durable, fail-safe, and serviceable, so you can just ride with no worries. We combine expertise, simplicity, and quality so that UPCYCLES bikes are SIMPLY BETTER. Guaranteed!

  • James loves riding bikes and building them for his family and friends (yes, and himself!) for 47 years. That and his 36 years of commuting experience have taught him how to build bikes that are a joy to ride, robust, and easy to maintain. See the BIKES page for details.

  • All of our bikes come with an extended one year warranty. Really, it should be even longer, because when we refurbish them, we aim for perfection. Check the Shop Policies page for warranty details and the Gallery page for examples of our gorgeous refurbished bikes. We have lots of brand-new looking bikes, and powder-coated frames waiting for custom builds, all with Upcycles reliability and durability at big box store prices.

  • We offer the same one-year warranty on overhauls, and on any complete system (e.g., the brake system: brake levers, calipers, cable, housing, and shoes) that we rebuild or refurbish.

  • We repair your bike promptly. You will usually be able to pick up your bike within two business days from the time you dropped it off. We will make a loaner available if you need a bike before we get yours is repaired.

  • Although all of our bikes are "affordable" compared to the price of new bikes, we offer sliding-scale pricing and work credits on our basic transportation "Affordable Bikes" for low-income customers. Applications for "Affordable Bikes" are accepted on weekdays between 1:00-3:00 pm and will be reviewed within one week.

  • In summary, we are a for-profit, full service bike shop with compassion for our community. We buy bikes to supply our refurbishing business. To keep our sliding-scale and affordable bikes flowing, we accept any and all donations of bicycles, parts, apparel, and cash.

* Bicycle warranty excludes damage due to accidents or abuse, flat tires, normal wear and tear on tires, brake pads, chains and gears. Warranty includes all minor adjustments to control systems (brakes and gears, bearings, wheel spokes, and drivetrain lubrication.

We have changed some aspects of our business since this video was made, but we have the same neighborhood spirit and will always love helping people learn about bikes and how to fix them.

Our Team

James has been an avid cyclist since 1970, bike upcycler since 1972, and commuter since 1978.  Cycling highlights include bicycle commuting since 1978 in Boston, Ithaca, New York, and Cleveland; riding the entire C&O canal in 1970, unsupported touring in high school, tandeming from New York to San Francisco in 1982; racing from 1983 to 1995; multiple single and double centuries; looping Lake Erie in 1998; and climbing Haleakala in Hawai`i (10,023 feet), Mt. Lemmon in Arizona (9159 feet), and Mt. Washington in New Hampshire (6289 feet).  His background as a neuroscientist and science teacher enables him to incorporate scientific principles into his philosophy and choice of parts to maximize durability. Before opening Upcycles, James owned, sold, or gave away over 150 refurbished bicycles.

Nozomi has been a cyclist, commuter, and bike partner since 1978. She has commuted in Boston, Ithaca, and Cleveland; tandemed from New York to San Francisco; toured the Finger Lakes in upstate New York; and climbed Haleakala (before James did). Between marrying James and opening Upcycles, James taught Nozomi more about bikes than she really wanted to know.

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Hours: 10 am - 6 pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Closed Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Upcycles Bike Shop measures to provide a safe store environment

We are aware of the growing concern surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ohio. Bike shops are classified as an essential transportation business under the Ohio Department of Health's Stay-at-Home order, so our store will remain open to the public. We are working diligently to provide the products and services you need, while keeping our store environment as sanitary and safe as possible.


Our employees are required to wear face masks, wash their hands between each customer interaction.