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Policy on Repairs to Carbon Fiber Bicycles and Components


Carbon fiber is not user serviceable. Over-torquing the threaded fasteners on a carbon fiber component can easily lead to failure. THE NUMBER ONE DAMAGED CARBON PART FROM OVER-TORQUING IS THE SEATPOST. NUMBER TWO IS THE STEERER TUBE. Both are very high stress items and should be replaced with metal. Carbon fiber composites should only be worked on by the skilled, informed mechanics. We do work on racers' carbon fiber dream machines: we we always inspect carefully before working and use torque wrenches and published torque limits.


(a) We will decline to work on a carbon fiber bike or component if the customer has worked on it themselves.


(b) We will not do any work on any bike with visibly damaged carbon fiber. Not even a flat tire! Bring us the wheel instead.


(c) We will not work on repaired carbon fiber frames repaired by anyone other than Calfee or the original manufacturer. We will not work on repaired carbon fiber forks or components. We will not work on repaired carbon frames unless you have a certificate from a reputable company.


(d) We will not work on any steel frame bike with a carbon fiber seat post because carbon fiber seat posts are forbidden in steel frames due to the pinching force of the clamp. Carbon fiber seat posts require that the clamping force be opposite or 90 degrees from the slot. Also, carbon and steel will bond together worse than any aluminum post ever has.


(e) Carbon steer tube forks must have the original stem of the same brand installed. Some stems are not compatible with carbon steer tubes. Carbon fiber steer tubes should NEVER have a star-fangled nut driven into them! Industry standard for spacers under a stem is 40 mm. Easton allows 50 mm.


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